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safe psi
whats up guys, i have (not in car yet) upgraded injectors, fuel pump,intake man.,piston and rods apr head studs and a few more but my two questions are, what do u guys think of the tsi turbo kit, your opinion before i buy, and last but not least can i push at least 15 psi with my upgraded parts or would it have to be sleeved? d16y8 my bad. thanks for your help Banghead
IDK what a TSI turbo kit is, or the size of the turbo.

need alot more info
The turbo is a t25 or upgrade to a t28 ball bearing man I just noticed they only make baby turbos do u know who makes a good complete turbo kit

I am selling my top mount manifold, downpipe and dumptube. Also have a Mishimoto Z-line intercooler for sale.

Im coming off boost and going all motor.

Hit me up if interested..heres a pic

[Image: scaled.php?server=507&]
I know a t25 Maxes out fuel injectors (stock) at around 8-10 PSI but with the upgrades you just listed and internal upgrades, you should be able to easily push 15. I'm not extremely familiar but you should be ab;e to push about 20. D16Y8's are some of the best motors to boost
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I know your new here, but dont bump old threads.

Your PSI facts are also inaccurate as theres alot more factors involved then you might think.

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