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Top level national builds - paid for, but not built by the owners
i agree with alot of points made here, and i disagree with alot of points made here. With me its a different story, i can respect a nice car when i see one. but at the same time im going to give someone who built their car more respect because i believe they have earned it. lets break it down. would you rather respect someone who has spent the time and money and effort into building hir/her car and knowing all the ins and out and did all the trouble shooting them selves or would you respect someone who just bought a car and threw money at it. and when asked anything about the car you get either a bullshit story or them reaching into the glove box for a list of specs.

now lets get down to what its really about. we have all seen both of these people in parking lots talking and the guy who builds his car has more appreciation for the car and earns the respect from the people. the guy who has thrown money at his car demands respect because he thinks that because he threw all this money at his car he deserves respect.

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