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Honda Tech 8 Coverage by Anson
Thanks guys, I didnt think they (shots) were that great but hey, good news to me Smile and yeah some of the cars there were too legit.

(07-24-2012, 12:14 AM)Adnan Wrote:  Sucks to hear man i thought you might of been part of line up of E30s
I wish i had my old EJ,my favorite car till date and funny how everything started going downhill for me eversince i bought the EL

btw i showed by buddy the picture of his red dumped EJ (hope you dont mind) he remembers you taking the picture haha

Haha no I dont mind at all. It was a great show, his EJ is nicely dropped lol.

Lol same here, civic was fine and dandy until I bought my e30.. now I had to swap the engine and it still doesnt run mint.

Hope to see you at the next one! Or show up to a eurofest Big Grin
I didn't know anyone on here was going. It was an awesome meet. Some good track action at times. This was one of the most impressive things I seen next to that mini.
[Image: d67b6de8.jpg]

Two other notable engine bays.
[Image: 39dcc4c7.jpg]
[Image: a6bc8596.jpg]
Canada must be the only place in the world where a large amount of enthusiasts understand proper wheel and tire fitment without that stance crap.

Love it.
[Image: lugsig.jpg]
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Oo, that j series with the big ass turbo man, that thing was clean.
Nice pics! turbo j swap for the win

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