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Ertefa Meets every Thursday-Toronto,Canada
Hey guys,thought i'd share a Meet that takes place every thursday in Toronto and attracts 1000+ cars ranging from muscle cars,tuner,exotics,lowriders and bikes.

When this meet first started back in March there was litterally about 20 cars,now the turnout gets larger every week with as many as 1600 cars coming out..totally unreal in Greater Toronto Area.

[Image: 560867_399461446787209_1918562519_n.jpg]
[Image: 562482_365105730222781_711329203_n.jpg]
[Image: DSC_2275.jpg]
[Image: DSC_2253.jpg]
[Image: 557025_284062611701084_1790882083_n.jpg]
[Image: 555994_284063741700971_331274218_n.jpg]
[Image: 255342_284064471700898_1246242938_n.jpg]
^We even got DJs and Bboys doing cool things

[Image: Ertefa-Meet-June-7-2012-GP_AMF-THUMBNAIL-1.jpg]
[Image: Ertefa-Meet-June-7-2012-GP_AMF-THUMBNAIL-7.jpg]
[Image: Ertefa-Meet-July-12-2012-GP_AMF-THUMBNAIL-1.jpg]
[Image: Ertefa-Meet-July-12-2012-GP_AMF-THUMBNAIL-7.jpg]
[Image: Ertefa-Meet-July-12-2012-GP_AMF-THUMBNAIL-13.jpg]
[Image: Ertefa-Meet-July-12-2012-GP_AMF-THUMBNAIL-14.jpg]
[Image: Ertefa-Meet-July-5-2012-GP_AMF-THUMBNAIL-9.jpg]
[Image: Ertefa-Meet-July-5-2012-GP_AMF-THUMBNAIL-1.jpg]
[Image: 391427_10151133406648296_809148593_n.jpg]
[Image: 527898_10151126299353296_1372129552_n.jpg]
^couple of shots of my 7thgen civic friends that I hang out with

[Image: DSC_1993.jpg]

^and I saved the best for last

me rolling in my jalopy Big Grin
Looks like the place to be on Thursday !
1,000+ cars on a weekly basis sounds insane.
[Image: 7576999932_bba1985476_o.jpg]
thats an insane amount of cars. how are cops with all of this?? do people stay inline??
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Cops don't seem to mind,the guys who organize the meet have permission to use the lot
and they work along with the local police departement.Every now and then we get some morons and they get their plates written down and sent to the cops.
Just thought i'd give you guys an update :

The meet has been canceled for about 3-4 weeks now,there's been an accident last month regarding two cars which were allegedly street racing after leaving the meet.

Sucks how a few idiots can ruin it for an entire community

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