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ShoutBox question
What would happen if the ShoutBox would "disappear"? As in "disappear", I mean remove it. I have a few reasons why this could happen.

Discuss amongst yourselves.
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I wouldn't miss it at all, but I'm sure a few others would. Is there something else going in its place?
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im sure there might be more posting, but i know some people would be upset. im rarely in there anyways
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It is usually dead now days, sadly. It would increase posting on here though, so I'm up for removing it.
I think if this were a year or so ago some people would be a bit dissapointed but a lot of your regulars don't talk in there anymore. Watching what occurs in the SB it's mostly a word here and there I don't think it would be terribly missed.
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I don't think it would be missed atm but it deb has its days/nights where traffic gets heavy on it. It's almost seasonal.

Would there be a way for you to keep a shout box feature but remove it from the homepage? Like a link that would take you to a dedicated shout box page.
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My days on the shoutbox live only in faded memory.

I will not miss it.

Dave, me and Hong Kong Titties held it down though.
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I won't miss it.

Dueces shout box.
I used it the other day to have a convo w/ Rob which was nice. I'm on the fence, I like having the SB but it has been insanely slow recently. I trust your judgment, Gimme. Smile
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My vote can go either way.

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