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ShoutBox question
On my computers and phone, the banner doesn't seem to fit in its section properly. When I adjust the size of the website, it never perfectly fits. I still see the "src="jscripts/thread.js?ver=1603">" code at the very top of the site as well.

Not too big of an issue though. I really love the little box on the top left of the page that informs you of new posts and threads and stuff. Also, the search section right underneath it is awesome!
I kinda liked the SB. It eliminated the need for an entire thread for something redundant.

Just an idea that I had because I enjoy the "Your car picture game", why not replace the SB area with a little update of the current challenge and the last challenge-winner's picture? It would get more people involved and bring members closer.

And the site is messed up for me too. The categories are scrunched and the Lanyard Banner is scrunched.
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Site is all messed up after the SB was taken out... It's all small and everything is shoved to the right..
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Might take a day or two for the kinks to get worked out guys just be a little patient
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I can duplicate the viewing problem on my iPod but on my computer while using IE Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox it looks fine. Removing the ShoutBox didn't "break" it, I did a few CSS adjustments which I believes messed thing up.

As Jerry, mentioned it may take a few days to find out what exactly is going on.


Things should look better now. The sidebar login is broken so I had to remove the sidebar completely for now which means no PIC of he Day for now as well.

Honestly, overall it looks "cleaner" to me.
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Site looks great for me now, nothing is scrunched anymore. I'm on the standard browser on my Android phone.
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i love the new site as well
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(06-11-2012, 01:42 AM)Cracking VTEC Wrote:  Site is all messed up after the SB was taken out... It's all small and everything is shoved to the right..

Mine is still scrunched and narrow..

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My phone layout is fixed at the moment but I use tapatalk so it's not that big a deal for me.

I'll check the desktop layout when I get home.
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Looks so different without the shoutbox..So much room! lol..
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