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To all cluster lovers out there. My collection over the years.
I haven't touched one in like 2 years. Moved on from that short small business. All though I do miss the hunt for the rare ones. Most of you know which are which and most Honda forums already know my secrets of making these pieces shine. Feel free to save them since it took me a while to find my pics on photobucket lol.

[Image: 0miles1.png]

[Image: CTR2.png]

[Image: eBAY1.png]

[Image: EK3.png]

[Image: EK4-2.png]

[Image: exspoon2.png]

[Image: final.png]

[Image: SILIGHT13.png]

[Image: SiR-1-1.png]

[Image: RS3.png]

[Image: NewEL2-1.png]

[Image: MANCRV2.png]

[Image: mancrv.png]

[Image: JDMCRV.png]

[Image: JDMCRV-1.png]

[Image: ITR2.png]
Nice collection, SiR is definitely my favorite.

I still don't know of a good way to adjust the mileage so I can make my new cluster match :\

[Image: sig6.jpg~original]
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Always nice work !

For those of you wondering where i got my CRV cluster, If you dont know, now ya know..
Them are nice. I wish you was still doing it.
Ain't no squad like the EJ8 SQUAD..
[Image: GreenEJ8sig.png]
I need to do something with my cluster. ugh.
Damn thats awesome, I wish I had an awesome cluster Sad
[Image: Sig2-1.jpg]

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