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cold hearted people!!
yesterday while on a delivery i stopped at 7-11 to get a drink of water. well as a paid with cash guess i left my wallet by the side of the machine where you enter your pin, well not to be racist but an african american was behind me. am no one to judge but he looked all drugged up felt bad for him when i saw him but anyways i go to work which is in the same shopping center literally like 15 steps away. realize when am paying for the delivery i took that my wallets gone ran back to 7-11 and asked them if they saw a wallet they said they didnt. i asked if anyone else had came in when i left they said no just the gentleman after you.
now i didnt jump to conclusions but to be safe a called my bank right away and reported my card as stolen. a little to late they had a purchase of 10 bucks at chevron in a matter of minutes. as the banker was briefing me on what to do he tells me "woah man glad you called right away they tried to make a purchase at target for a total of 550. i was then certain my wallet was stolen by him and hes trying to wipe it clean! It hurts me because i had my fathers marine corp picture in there with my drivers license and my aunt who recently passed i can replace my id and credit card and anything else in there but that thief took a part of my father and aunts memory, there faces gone Sad. yet i will not let this happen to others because both 7-11 and target agreed to release the security tapes so today after school am going to file a police report and catch this ass whole. some people have no heart!! i mean all he got was 10 bucks out of it why couldnt he just say hey man you left your wallet. should i be worried he does have my Drivers lic. with the address on it but if hes dumb enough to use my card where theres camera i doudt he is intellegent enough to do identity theft anyways sorry for the long thread just ticked off and sad as well!! hope they catch this bastard.
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Good luck bro
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Sorry to hear, good luck and hope they catch him asap
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Damn, glad you called it in on the quick man. Could have been really bad, sorry to hear about the photos.. Keep us posted on the outcome.
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Damn sorry dude. Get that piece of feces.
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That sux to hear. Some people don't care or believe in karma.
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Dang man that really sucks but super stoked the stores are going to use the tapes to help you out. That's awesome! I hope you catch the son of a bitch and he's brought to justice. I just had left my car unlocked for about an hour last weekend and someone stole my leather jacket and camera. Thieves suck man!!
Horrible that you lost te pictures of your loved ones. And luckily you reported it quickly. Hopefully eveything works out. Good luck with it all and keep us posted.
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Be on the hunt for him, find him and snuff his *poopy*!!
People just dont give a crap anymore , the things that are happening are just unreal anyways im sorry that happened to you man , hope someone beats that mofo lol
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