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I'm so lost and i need help and prayers
What's up squad to both new and old members

I know I have not been on or active in awhile but there has been a lot of things going on right now with me and my life that I need to get straighten back out and on track. To hondaboy97, I'm very sorry that I have not been replying back to your PM's about the lip because you can ask the couple people I've done buisness with I am usually not like that at all.

I'm not asking for a pitty party or anything, I just really need some prayers and guidance with a lot of things right now because I feel so lost right now in life and the things around it are going down around me. It's my last quarter of school before I graduate school and so far it has started of badly. Anyways I'm just asking for my second family to send some prayers for me and I'm very thankful for them and thank you guys for your time.

Any specifics as to what is going on Ryan?
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I'll text you Jeremy, I know i kind of left it unknown to my problems but I'm not one to really tell everybody whats going on and kind of keep to myself. Again thank you guys for your time
I will pray for you. It will all work out.
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hey man whatever it is prayers go out for you

i understand if you dont want to share it and there's nothing wrong with that my brother but whatever your going threw feeling lost, alone ,whatever man am here and will pray things will straighten out in your life. congrats on your graduation. i'll pray for you bro if you want to talk or text am a phone call away 702-528-7134 feel free anytime man best of luck keep your head up Smile
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at the end of the day its my car i see it everyday i drive it every day so feel free to express your opinion but dont hate on me for expressing my style Smile
you know i'm here if you ever need to talk about anything, brosef. Hope things start to look up for you!
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You know I got your back buddy, text me if you ever need to talk it out.
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Praying for you bro.
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We all get our ups and down bro , I am sure things will get better and you'll stop feeling lost.I've been there a few times and having all the support you can get helps a lot. You know u can count on the squad , cheer up brother!
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