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pray it all works out please
hey squad today i woke up to a bad moment of my 18 years of life gods has given me my mother packing her stuff and knocking on my door telling me to pack my stuff and find a place to live. Were we currently stay at my step dads house and me and him never got along but since my father passed away i had no choice but to live there i recently turned 18 i work at pizza hut 21 hours a week plus like 100 bucks in tips a night if am lucky my mother said shes leaving today and not to follow her?? yes my own mother said those words i was so scared i started crying and didnt come to my 1st or 2nd periods she said am on my own and that my step dad wont show any simpathy at all to keep me there espically with my mom out the picture theres no talking to this guy either i have no family in vegas only a couple friends am so scared guys i may not have a place to stay tonight but my car i dont want to bug my girlfriends parents either because they struggle as it is and have no room for me. my friend said i could stay but we havent talk to his dad yet am shaking am just begginnig to see how life is hard but with a dead father and a mother whos leaving you idk what am going to do Sad
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at the end of the day its my car i see it everyday i drive it every day so feel free to express your opinion but dont hate on me for expressing my style Smile
damn dude, im so sorry. things will be alright and prayers go out to you and your mother. your friends will help you no doubt. sorry to hear

Wow. I'll say a prayer for you man. That's an awful situation.
No good. I will pray for yeah. One opinion is finish school and enlist in the least thats what I did.
Just said one for you. Its rough stuff man. You'll find something out there for you. I wish you the best and hopefully your friend can hook you up.
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Damn bro that has to devastating. I Dont know what your plans are and I to would be scared out of my mind if that happened to me. The one thing that i can tell you that you could do is join the military as bad as that would suck but they will pay you and give you a place to live so it might be an option that you could look into. Good luck bro God has a plan for you just dont turn your back on him he will show you the way he did for me. Hang in there.
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Damn, man, that's a rough situation. All I can do is speak from experience and hope that some of it applies to you. When I was 18 I was not the greatest kid, I did lots of illegal and immoral things and basically kicked myself out of the office through my actions a couple months after I graduated high school. I slept in my car for a while, I slept at friends' houses for a while; it was not the greatest months of my life for sure. Eventually, I started talking to my parents again and was able to come home long enough to get on my feet.

My first question is, are you still in high school or are you in college? If you're still in school you need to find a friend whose parents are willing to let you stay w/ them the next couple months or talk w/ someone at your school (guidance counselor or whatever) and see if there are any options are available. If you are in college and have a job, sounds like it's time to find a reliable friend and start looking for an apt.

I understand in your case that your father has passed away and your mother is indicating that she doesn't "want" you to come w/ her. That's not easy to deal w/, I don't know what it's like to lose a parent...only grandparents, and that is tough enough. Remember that you're already a strong individual for dealing w/ your father's death, you will make it through this as well. Did you mom say why she doesn't want you to come w/ her? I would try having a conversation w/ her if possible, and as much as you might not want to it might be good to have a conversation w/ your step father as well. I know this is all very randomly written but I'm just typing as I think. Just try and stay positive and take things one step at a time...and remember we're always here to listen/help.
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Sorry to hear dude.. But this always helps me get motivated and overcome whatever adversity I'm in (I am also 18). That is, to always remember that no matter how hard the situation and life is for you at the moment, there is always someone in the world that is going through 10 times more. The best comeback is success, soldier on bro - don't give up. All the best!
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Update first I'd like to thanks every person who viewed and commented it means so much youd take time to give me wonderful advice to clear things up yes am still in high school and I had plans to sign up for the marines a day away from getting sworn in but had a dream where my father told me not to and go to college idk my father was K.I.A don't want to share much about that but yeah I got off work today am thank god my mother was still home along with our pastor he talked to all 3 of us ended in my mother hugging me and saying she loves me for the first time yeah teared also my step dad told me he could never be half the man my father was and thanks him for his service shook my hand and said we can be friends things turned out great and I owe every one a huge thanks for taking time off your lives to pray for me thank you so much and thank god things worked out was really scared and for those who have been threw these times I look up to you because I know it must be so hard Thanks again ej8(family)squad
I live my life a quarter pounder at a time nothing else matters.
at the end of the day its my car i see it everyday i drive it every day so feel free to express your opinion but dont hate on me for expressing my style Smile
Really glad everything turned out positive for you, bro. That is awesome news. Stoked for you man!

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