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Prayer Request: Job Opportunity
Fellow Squad members, I need every single prayer you are willing to give me. There is a job at my college that I am applying for, and even though I am slightly under qualified for it, I am giving it a shot. All I am really hoping for is to at least be given an interview. I feel strongly that I can make a good impression that makes them want to hire me.

It is a full time job and I would be doing some data entry, processing mail, answering phones, managing budgets, ordering supplies, maintaining grant records, and stuff like that.

Spring break is this week, but campus is open. I am going in the morning to take a test on one of our school computers to score my typing skills so I can turn that in with my application/cover letter/resume/reference sheet/transcript. Hopefully the main office is open tomorrow where I can drop my stuff off, rather than waiting until next week!
Im about to go to bed. Will keep you in my prayers.
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I'll drop a line to the man upstairs for you. Good luck, hope it works out.
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Praying for you man best of luck
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at the end of the day its my car i see it everyday i drive it every day so feel free to express your opinion but dont hate on me for expressing my style Smile
Thanks guys.

I dropped my application off this morning. Monday I go in to take a skills test.

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