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Horsepower doesnt mean $&^$
I seem to get into an argument on HT where people are brain washed into thinking the magical horsepower number is where hondas make so much power..

Just to tell everyone, torque is what everyone should be looking at..Horsepower is a magical made up number from engine speed and torque number. Now you need gearing to put that torque down for useable power..

But heres a vid:

Heres a dodge truck VS GTR

According to the honda myth, that GTR should smoke the truck..

but as you see, with higher gearing to handle the torque and put it down, the truck does not need to red line to 9K rpms.. the gearing puts down the power early.. With different gearing, the truck has potential to drop into the 10's

Just wanted everyone to see it here 1st when some claim their 210hp/130tq B20vtec has all this power and can still get walked by a non vtec b20

Lol that dodge stomped on that Nissan.
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heres the thread if you guys want to see the useless battle with HP brainwashing
ill be totally honest i dont really like that site most of the members kinda bug me.
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Torque gets you off the line faster. HP is what you use in the long run. Some like torque and some like HP. It's a matter of preference right?

Some may find this thread interesting.
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for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,
No without torque all the horsepower in the world aint going to do sh**. You want alot of torque but you also need the horsepower. Diesel engines are perfect examples of this
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This debate doesn't really matter to me as I lack both. Ohsnap
Romans 3:23
English Standard Version (ESV)

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,
That is a good broad generalization..

Engine speed and gearing is the key to all of the arguments..

But to keep on topic,

Civics we all know are geared low because they do not have any torque. So low gearing means the little torque it does have doesnt have to work as hard to move the vehicle..
Now add in double the torque.. the same low gearing will have no problems turning the gears at a higher velocity..

Add in longer gears for the higher torque values (since the higher torque can spin the higher gears without struggle) and youll see faster strides... Now as far as the engine speed, the longer you can hold the torque curve to where its making power, the faster you will go..

This is why i dont understand why people use B16 trans on a high powered civic.. Since you bumped up the power, you should be using longer gears to be able to put that power to use. Yes, it will move using the lower gears, but it will acheive redline faster.

I dont know if ^^ that makes sense.. but this is whats spinning in my head.
Jeremy, that is a great debate thread.. but it is biased... When talking about cars here.. gearing will always be a factor determining the final outcome of performance..

When Turbo2NR comes on, im sure he will have something to say
(02-28-2012, 12:14 PM)Gimmezell Wrote:  This debate doesn't really matter to me as I lack both. Ohsnap

Mswerd: same here

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