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Japan: Before&After
I ran across this article showing photos during/right after the tsunami and at the beginning of this year. It's pretty humbling to think about, so I thought I'd share w/ you guys...
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4 Doors FTW

Freaking insane.

I want to see another after photo a year from now.
[Image: lugsig.jpg]
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wow! thats very impressive.
Like Mike said, i'd like to see it a year from now as well
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(11-10-2010, 06:59 PM)NightCat Wrote:  a lot of us on here "build" our do you really think we do with it? do I drive my 400hp honda to the grocery store and back...

Those are some powerful pictures. I will never understand the power of water
Silly boat, you can't operate on land...
That was so crazy some of the pictures I had no idea there was a road or a parking lot under them
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wow, i continue to go back to that page and look.

just awe'd at the damage
It's amazing the power of mother nature.
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damn that boat on top of the house?? damn nature you scary!
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at the end of the day its my car i see it everyday i drive it every day so feel free to express your opinion but dont hate on me for expressing my style Smile
those were amazing pics, so glad they have bounced back so well. That looks like a lot of work and time,but totally worth it.

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