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The Official Coilover Thread FAQ included
Someone did a review on Black works Coilovers and as for k sport I added it to the tread so you can compare it side by side. As for personal opinion, I think k sport has a great quality product. The damper adjustment is great and ride quality is good as well. My friend use to run it on his corolla and I was very impressed of how the car responded to quick cornering. However, I am not sure which is better because I've never experienced Black works stuff before.
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I do have blackworks and as I mentioned before I think they are a great set of coilovers for the money. I have never personally run ksports but I have a good friend who owned multiple 240's and has always used ksports. And would recommend them to anyone.
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progress cs-II's! very good coilovers for bang of the buck. Also have 3 spring rates to use from and like it has been said, progress is a very reputable brand.
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k sports are really good and i would recommend them to anybody..i've never rode in them in an ej8 but i have an 04 accord and lexus gs300 and they both we're slammed on them and rode amazing with them being at the height they were at so i can imagine how great they ride at a different(resonable heights) Thumbup
(02-04-2012, 10:29 AM)FuzzyBlanket Wrote:  Progress
Ground control

I was thinking race land and dropzone, still hard choice I have never had coils my car had egay lowering springs that rode like *poopy* so I tossed them.
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Anyone running Progress CS2s? I've only heard good wondering if anyone has anything to say about since there isn't much info here...
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Looking to get some ff1. Any suggestions?
(06-19-2014, 08:50 PM)elusivej8 Wrote:  Looking to get some ff1. Any suggestions?
Do it.
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Been looking at type 1s hopefully I can get them soon. Seems to be what everyone is mostly running. Heard great reviews.

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