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Rob is Engaged
Weve been together for over 3 years, I guess I was due. I sprung it on her while she was unwrapping her gifts..

So were engaged.. Vegas is where we are planning sometime in the far far future.

Heres the ring:

[Image: image240r.jpg]
[Image: dscn0177em.jpg]

I know the pics are blurry.. i took 20 pics of it and these were the best. Camera is crap!

2ct TW with facets on both sides.
Congrats bro!
[Image: pzLfBoW.jpg]
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congrats Rob!!!!!!
Congratulations sir.!
Congrats man!
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Congratulations! I never thought this day would come Toungue
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I am no photographer expert but I just found about this feature that most cameras have. Its called "Macro" feature that helps take close up pictures clear. If you notice in your pics the close "stuff" blurrry but the background is clear. Again not an expert but if you want a better picture for yourself check your camera to see if it has that feature. More importantly Congratulations on your engagement.
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Congrats rob!
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Congratulation Rob. Thanks for sharing this moment with us.
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congrats man!
game over for you sir
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