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Praise: Job opportunity
A couple of weeks ago I posted a prayer request (see here for details).

Well, I've have since have met with the two guys who just started the new company and they wanted to give me the first opportunity to say "no" is what one of them said. Joe, is the one who I have been a contractor for since March and is an awesome marketing person as well. Brian, is the "new" guy and from what I can gather has probably brought me of investment capital than Joe into Data Gnomes. Both guys are very laid back and are very knowledgeable. Joe has a gift in the marketing aspect as well as the web development and Brian, is the IT guy.

Basically, I told them that ideally I would want full-time work but being a newly formed company they could not offer that. I knew that they could not but I had to tell them anyway. I can see this company start to take off in a year and the opportunity is definitely there for me. They are willing to increase my skills set and allow me to be part of their company all with out a financial risk.

One concern I had was when they said that I would be at the shop and not getting paid. Which, wasn't all that cool of an idea. They said I could hang out and watch some TV but unless I was doing actual work I would not be getting paid. However, if I was at the soon-to-be shop and Brian called and asked me to do some work and or a customer called, I could log my time and get paid. Not the ideal situation but I understood.

The meeting was winding down and the pay situation hadn't been brought up. Now, I am hate negotiating and that is an understatement to say the least. Out of character I brought up the fact that I believe I am worth more and would like an increase in my hourly rate. Brian, asked how much but I didn't have a number in mind. So in the end he told me to come back with a number after my Math final.

Fast-forward to this past Thursday. I had set up a meeting to give my number. Joe was the only one there because Brian was on-site with a new client. After some chit-chat about a client (Tammi's work) I said I have a number in mind. I told Joe and he wasn't shocked and said he would have to talk to Brian but he didn't see it being an issue.

As an added bonus. Joe, addressed my concern of being at the shop and not getting paid. He said that he and Brian talked about a possible "shop rate". Which basically meant that if I was at the shop and no work was to be done that I was still get paid but at a lower rate than the usual. I was pleased to hear that!

I left a message with Brian yesterday and I am still waiting to hear back from him but it wont be until Monday probably.

Wow, that was waaaaaay longer than I had intended.

Cliffs notes:

-met two guys to discuss my future in the newly formed company "Data Gnomes"
-I wanted full-time, they cannot offer full-time at this time.
-I wanted an increase in my hourly rate
-possible lower "shop rate" as to offset my concern of not getting paid when no actual client work is to be done.
-awesome opportunity with a flexible schedule.
-less than one mile away from my house.

Romans 3:23
English Standard Version (ESV)

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,
Glad to see you getting something for showing up to work..

If your scheduled to be there, then u have to get paid.. simple as that.

i would keep my eye on shady labor issues.. but glad your getting your foot in the door!
So did this work out? Are you working for them now?
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