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NOPI / NSCRA - Car Show & Drag Race 10/23 & 12/04 - Palm Beach, FL
October 23 & December 4 – Palm Beach International Raceway – Jupiter Florida

NSCRA (National Sports Car Racing Association) will be having a Drag Race featuring 4 Heads-up classes along with 4 indexed classes. This event will feature some of the world’s fastest sports car drag racers. All cars are welcome to race.

Race info at

NOPI will be producing the car show called the “NOPI Flawless Expo Auto Show”. It’s a “winners only” car show with unique custom crystal glass awards. The number of winners per class will be based on the number of participants within each class. Event also features Car Club cash awards.

All CIVICs are welcome to compete in the car show.

Car Clubs or Website Groups planning on attending can have their logo and link on event website.

Show info at
wait, so are these 2 seperate events? NSCRA on the 23rd and NOPI the 4th?
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(09-27-2011, 04:15 PM)kallar68 Wrote:  wait, so are these 2 seperate events? NSCRA on the 23rd and NOPI the 4th?

No...same event. 2 different dates.
Nopi joined up with NSCRA..

so we wont be seeing the same worn out bikini contest (hopefully)

And the Nopi (rice) tour had to do something since attendence was way down as the rice movement comes to a halt.
I might be there.. depends if i get the civic done and how hot it will be..

those stands get really hot and the sun reflects off the aluminum so its bright as hell~

hope theres better food vendors out there also.
I'll be there this weekend with the Faster Imports Crew doing some pit crew work for my boys and serving as starting line attendant for several cars in the 10.5 class, so if you're there, look for me on the track.

PM me for the number if you don't already have it and if you're heading out and we'll all meet up.

Will be there for the December event as well. Hopefully by then my car will be done and running in 10.5.
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