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Galuppin Wrote:In Hondaspirit (spain) we are building a list of EJ8 only in spain, like a EJ8 Squad Spain but... the really EJ8Squad is this and i would like to be a member Smile

Any more photos? I'm not familiar with the Honda Civic models in Spain.
In spain the 96-00 civics are:

EJ6 - 1.6i non vtec engine with 105hp (coupe) [comercial name: civic lsi coupe]
EJ8 - 1.6i VTEC with 127hp ( coupe) [comercial name: civic sr coupe]
EJ9 - 1.4i non vtec engine with 90hp (hatchback) [comercial name: civic dream]
EK3 - 1.5i VTEC with 115hp (hatchback) [comercial name: civic LS]
EK4 - 1.6i VTEC with 160hp (hatchback) [comercial name: civic VTI]

Here also have an only european model ( the civic five door )

MB3 - 1.5i VTEC with 115hp (sedan) [comercial name: civic LS]
MB4 - 1.6i VTEC with 125hp (station wagon) [comercial name: civic SR aerodeck]
MB6 - 1.8i VTEC with 170hp and LSD (sedan) [comercial name: civic VTI]

This is the five door VTI
[Image: car285.jpg]

and this is my civic with the old rims and my mother's car Lol

EJ8 Squad member #383
Regards from Spain
and yes, i have angel eyes but it's because the proyectors light is better than oem light and in spain the xenon mod isn't permited to all cars
EJ8 Squad member #383
Regards from Spain
my 96ej8
when i first got it
[Image: 96civic.jpg]
a few months after i got it
[Image: n504583847_265394_2538.jpg]
I'd Love to be added to the list!

[Image: 5.jpg]
[Image: tunnelturbo.jpg]
DarkTune: 002
EJ8-Squad|Mod: Breakin' necks and cashin' checks!
boosted ej8 Wrote:I'd Love to be added to the list!

Your wish has been granted.

[Image: koc_cast_detail_image_genie.jpg]
I would also love to be added to the list. heres my pic. still building though new parts coming soon

add me to the list please

[Image: DSC01393.jpg]

[Image: hood.jpg]
can't forget the west coast
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
[Image: EddieCustom-1.jpg]
im new to the forum... can i be on the list?? Woot

[Image: civicrearshot.jpg]
[Image: image.php?u=6801&type=sigpic&dateline=1240732002]

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