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Marc P Vid. -vs- Sammi my boy.
Well round 3 at the NSCRA even was a success. Some great show cars. Absolutely beautiful weather in south FL. Of course so great cars came out for the head to head action.

Nyce1s got the video of Marc P (for those of you who don't know) one of the nicest K powered NA cars around) By the way....props to Marc for taking home 1st in the 10.5 index with a 10.6 against Sammi's 11.0. My boy Sammi was after him all day. Unfortunately, his ignition was only setup on a 9k pill and he needed about 9.4k due to a new gear setup.,,,,long story short...letting off at the 1000' mark doesn't win races (unless your bracket racing) lol

Enjoy Marc P and my boy sammi in the white and black "reaper" coupe. You can see my tall, bald, burnt ass as staging assistant for sammi running back and fourth past the camera. (waves hello)

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that bubble is crazy wonder what he got under the hood
Full build bro. ITBs, Used to have a Drag Cartel motor. Now I think he's running an Inline Pro motor. Specs,...I don't know right off the top of my head. However he's a nice guy. He's always willing to talk about it and ask about yours.
On the other end of the spectrum....let me mention that my boy's car is just a "budget" stock sleeve single cam setup.
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those 60' times are sick!

good stuff Brad!
Ha ha ha....the track was pretty good that day. 60's from both have been a little better. one....round 3. July 16 in the evening. Be there bro!!! Smile I'll be down there staging a few of my Faster Imports crew cars for the day and acting as pit man for my boy Sammi.
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nice. its cool to see some fast all motor hondas in the 10s.
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Was that the automatic DSM? I know there was two when I went. But NA ftw!
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Not an automatic. Just a good shifter with the dog- "clutchless if you want to" tranny. lol
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nice how NA can compete with boost
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Damn hatch is fast for all motor pretty consistent too
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