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NSCRA Round 2 PBIR TOMORROW the 22nd!!!
Hit me up if you'll be there. 321-446-1857.

Any of you other FL guys makin' it?
EJ8Squad Member #235
OG ghost.
i would,but got mom in town this weekend..

too hot in the stands for mom.. and for me for that matter..

I got ur number, if shes gets busy, i might go over there.

Nope, not going to make it.. too hott!
i was there ;p

got in for free & was told that Leo of state of stance has a spot for me to park & shine if i want it ...... but i got there to late sooooo could not do that Sad

fav cars ...

[Image: honday.jpg]
[Image: honda1aa.jpg]
[Image: honda2p.jpg]
[Image: s2kw.jpg]
[Image: s2k1.jpg]
[Image: s2k2f.jpg]
[Image: revs2k.jpg]
[Image: revs2k1.jpg]

[Image: accordonvossen.jpg]
[Image: dsc0728dm.jpg]
[Image: dsc0726ff.jpg]
[Image: ekhatchi.jpg]
[Image: sc300.jpg]

[Image: nscra.jpg]

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