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Stock D16y8 for autox
I was wondering if there are any of you that do autox with a stock or close to stock D16y8, since I'm a noob in the car department on the autox I want to start with my 98 ex just so I can get more experience.
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You will be fine...the y8 has more than enough power to throw the car around turns.

(04-27-2011, 10:20 AM)djblingbling1 Wrote:  You will be fine...the y8 has more than enough power to throw the car around turns.

Rofl Haha

Yeah, i haven't auto-x'd my EJ8 yet, but i have thought about it Naughty

I've seen quite a few hit the local course, and they do alright, but your probably going to want to worry about suspension more than the stock y8, if you have a stock ride height, stock sway bar car, your going to be body rolling the course more than anything, and pretty much getting average times...

Good luck though! i Heart Auto-xing! |> ^
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You'll be fine. Even stock suspension. Upgrading the suspension would be wise tho.
There are others on the site that know more about auto x than me of course
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I'd say, hit the course, get a feel for the car the 1st time, without suspension mods, chances are there will be another 96-00 civic there (there's always a red EJ6 coupe at mine) and if so, ask the driver what he/she's done to the car. Also ask the head honchos of the course what they think you should do suspension wise, there are alot of wise members on here, and so far in the crx world the koni yellows and ground control coilovers are the best combo.

Of course to address your orig. question, i'd say a few bolt ons and you'd be bumping up a class, but you might want to hit up the course in stock trim first.

If you go with header, cold air intake, full exhaust, etc. typical bolt ons, you'll get more power but not too much, and if you have "Too much power" you may make the suspension a necessity.

Keep us posted on what you do Smile make a build thread if you haven't already Big Grin
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Hostility - 01-13-2011-07:17 -- Terry, You're so cool you need your own emoticon
The advice I've always gotten about Auto x is run your car stock. Get a feel for it. That way you can learn about your car and what upgrades will be best for it. Having every sway bar, tie bar, chasis stiffening thing that you can buy under the sun doesn't help, contrary to popular belief. Get a feel for your car, the upgrade your shocks and springs, look at sway bars and what not. The mods also effect what class your car will run in so learn about the classes and what cars you will be running with if you want to do it a lot and be competitive. I have never auto x'd, but I plan to this summer in my bonestock EJ. Just have fun with it.
Actually I'm going to Nelson Ledges sometime next month to take my 04 GSXR 600 which is track ready hopefully I can run my car that day too just to get a feeling of what i really want to do. My suspensions are stock and i was planning on changing them and since I found koni STR's on for $265 I'm planning on taking those and probably dropping the car on H&R springs since I have heard good things about them.
I agree with most, the motor will get you by and you will enjoy it! focus on the suspension and braking, motor was my last stop on the mod list, of course with more power you will need to change things up, but start basic and work your way up! Let the car tell you what it needs!
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The best upgrade you can do to your car is quality seat time.
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Quick off topic question, around how much does it cost to auto-x? I mean to just hit up the track one day, I know different tracks vary in price so I'm just asking for an estimated average cost.
Sorry I know it's off topic but I didn't want to start a whole new thread for such a simple question.

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