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Bradenton street heat
Did any FL members on here go to the drag strip in bradenton.It was a good turn out and jam packed I wish i had a good camera to take pics and hopefully run my car next time.
[Image: CIMG1166.jpg]
Heard about it and know some people that went but didn't make it out there myself.
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Was going to go but ended up covering an emergency shift at work. Sad Heard it was off the hook! Get them pics up asap man! Smile
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OG ghost.
I was invited, but was busy. confused0036
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You guys should come next time there was mostly civics there and couple guys from tampa racing forums there was also muscle cars and bikes.I was tho upset because there was 10 sec eg hatch running a all motor B20 but unfortunately I didnt have my camera with me I only had my crappy metro that takes horrible pics but there is an event on Thursday that im trying to go to and this time im going to bring my camera.
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