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NSCRA round 1. PBIR South FL...Who's in???

Come and see some of the FL's hottest show cars and drag racer go head to head on "hopefully" a beautiful south FL day.

Who's comin' with???
EJ8Squad Member #235
OG ghost.
That's not far for me but I'll be away that weekend. Sad Sorry duder
SquadronOne / Fodo Rockin / CRAZY HYPE
[Image: 6448171699_914f4197a3.jpg]

Ill be there parked inside the gate with Florida Honda Crew. Hit me up man, ill be there!
Sounds good man. I'll for sure let you know when I get there.
EJ8Squad Member #235
OG ghost.
[Image: march13front.jpg]

NSCRA Southeast Regional Championship Series Round 1

NSCRA South East Regional Championship Series

Event name: Round 1

Event date: March 13th, 2011

Location: Palm Beach International Raceway

(Formerly Moroso Motorsports Park)
17047 Beeline Hwy. Jupiter, FL 33478

Gates open: 8am

Tech open: 9am

Qualifying round 1: 10am

Qualifying round 2: 12am

Eliminations round 1: 2pm

Car show registration: 9am

Car show judging: 9am-5pm

Car show presentation: 5:30pm

Hot body contest hosted by Jessica Barton

9 Heads-up classes

$100 entry (Extreme/Modified Compact) payout $5000

$65 entry (Hot Rod) payout $2500

$65 entry (Pro Stock) payout $1750

$65 entry (Out Law Street) payout $1750

$65 entry (True Street) payout $1500

$45 entry (10.5 Index) payout $1000

$45 entry (11.5 Index) payout $1000

$45 entry (12.5 Index) payout $500

$45 entry (13.5 Index) payout $500

$35 entry (Fun Runs/Test &Tune)

$35 entry (VIP Parking)

$35 entry (Car Show)

$20 entry (Spectator / Crew)

CAR SHOW (24 Trophy Classes and Cash Payouts)
Trophy: Best Honda
Trophy: Best Acura
Trophy: Best Mitsubishi
Trophy: Best Nissan
Trophy: Best Toyota
Trophy: Best Lexus
Trophy: Best Scion
Trophy: Best Mazda
Trophy: Best Infiniti
Trophy: Best Other Import
Trophy: Best Domestic
Trophy: Best Luxury
Trophy: Best Euro
Trophy: Best Unique Entry
Trophy: Best Old School Import
Trophy: Best Domestic Truck/SUV
Trophy: Best Lowrider/Minitruck
Trophy: Best Bike
Trophy: Best Interior
Trophy: Best Paint/Finish
$100, Trophy: Best Engine
$200, Trophy: Best Club Participation
$200, Trophy: Best of Show Custom
$200, Trophy: Best of Show Performance

For more information go to

[Image: march13back.jpg]
I hope they have different bikini girls this year.. last year was the same ones all year.
Heres the pictures thread from FHC if anyone is interested.. My car is in there.

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