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Dual vs. Single bend shift lever ergonomics explained
(01-11-2011, 04:47 AM)BEAR_times Wrote:  
(01-11-2011, 04:39 AM)Z3RO Wrote:  CTR shift linkage is the same as the ITR in the bend and all that. at least the one i got was.

U have a ctr shift lever? How did u find one?

came with the B16b i bought from HMotorsOnline. looks like the ITR one pictured above. only reason i know its a real one is i sat in a few stock CTRs while i was in Japan. it goes well with my titanium CTR shift knob and CTR shift boot.

dont know why i typed shift linkage when i ment shift lever though. Gotme
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if you want to use an integra shifter with d series shift linkage youll probably have to grind the edges off the shifter so it will fit in the fork of the linkage.
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i have a buddy club dual bend short shifter similar to the mfactory one and i love it works great with know issues, i used to hace a b&m straight short shifter and i never really liked it it worked great for the cost but it never really felt right
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I was close to choosing the B&M dual bend over the skunk 2 dual bend. I have heard mixed reviews for the $150 B&M straight shifter. It was designed for race applications.

I ended up choosing a TWM dual bend with 600 gram Satin Big Type R knob.
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(01-11-2011, 12:34 PM)EsotericImage Wrote:  Boosted B20 i thot everyone knew

i dont think i ever seen your engine bay. lol

gonna look at your build thread right now XD
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Anyone here using a integra oem dual bend on their D series ej?

thanks for sharing Bear times,I miss the dual bend shifter from my old gsr swapped ej1....would be nice to fit it in my D series
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thanks for the quick response,i'll definetely have this done when i change my shifter bushing Big Grin
I have a skunk2 dual bend with a skunk2 knob and love it.
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i got a dual bend b&m with skunk2 knob and i dont like the b&m shifter. it sits too low for me but the throws feel great. i personally like the skunk2 shifter better, i had that in my last ek.

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