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Pics from the SCCA AX 9 at Carowinds
Had to show you guys. SCCA had an event at the Carowinds Parking lot and I attended in the Stock class with my Sol. Here are some pics. It was a great race day I only saw one ej8, the rest were rex, beamer, a lotus, plenty of s2k's and almost anything else. I also had a buddy del sol.

[Image: 0995a277.jpg]

[Image: b6e90cba.jpg]

[Image: ca1c5270.jpg]

[Image: c9f893a1.jpg]

[Image: 7c444e99.jpg]

[Image: 366dfb81.jpg]
The huge course map for today.
I am down in H-stock I only placed 3rd, but for my first time on a track I feel like I did pretty good with a personal best time of 2:17.
here is all the other cars.
here is all the other cars.
looks good bro. nice job.
[Image: lunapic_128642341946057_3.jpg]
That looks like a lot of fun. I need to go out and do that sometime.
[Image: pzLfBoW.jpg]
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