Poll: Would you rock the Squad logo on your windshield?
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Hell Yea I'd Rock It !

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Not my thing

8 15.38%
Total 52 vote(s) 100%
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EJ8Squad Vertical Windshield Banners
Ok guys,

I am doing a poll for Squad banners. These will be just like any other car club banner. If i get enough votes to make an order, Jeremy will order for the squad. This is just to see if we get enough interest to see how/if this will done in the future..It will be done by Jeremy (aka Gimmezell) if theres enough demand

I dont have a design as of yet, but you guys are welcome to submit designs. The size of the banner will be 22" x 5" vertical. So please make them large enough.

Here is an example of what Im talking about. Taken from Sunworks site.
[Image: 2usx1c9-600x398.jpg]
[Image: imag00062.jpg]
[Image: 4680750589_d5bd84946a_b.jpg]
[Image: SW-bani.jpg]
Dang, I just put my regular decal on and it would interfear with this, although I would love one of these. Ill get cracking on some ideas tonight, it will be a good time to freshen up on my photoshop skills. mabey you can post some logs and what not in good editing from that we can all work with?
well, logo's and fonts will have to be on the designer. Since im not a designer, Im leaving this up to the squad for vote later on..

But theres alot of members with MAD SKILLZ!!

I was thinking since were a "squad" that we use a shield in the logo.. but thats just me.. If i could put whats in my mind on a computer, id do it.
I have an idea but need the sedan and coupe img off the decals if anyone has them
Jeremy has the thread where the graphic page is for the current squad decals..
I'd definitely rock one, but can't help in anyway on designing anything. My talents in any type of design go about as far as oddly shaped stick figures lol.
(08-19-2010, 09:43 PM)EsotericImage Wrote:  Jeremy has the thread where the graphic page is for the current squad decals..

didn't understand that ............. but i'd rock one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think the logo at the top in the rotm, but just all the lettering and the .com flipped would be legit, but i cant do it.
I will ask my sister who just started he freelance graphic business.
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kool, sounds good!

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