Poll: Would you rock the Squad logo on your windshield?
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Hell Yea I'd Rock It !

44 84.62%
Not my thing

8 15.38%
Total 52 vote(s) 100%
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EJ8Squad Vertical Windshield Banners
Any ideas yet? Ive tried but all my attempts suck...
i'd probably rock it

depending on how it looked
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(11-10-2010, 06:59 PM)NightCat Wrote:  a lot of us on here "build" our do you really think we do with it? do I drive my 400hp honda to the grocery store and back...

Honestly, the current site logo looks really legit. Why not just a windshield banner at the top, with a stretched out version of that, rather than have to design something new.

I think its a great idea if we could come up with something, but its just an idea.
(08-21-2010, 02:25 AM)Phillip Wrote:  So....anybody on here with Photoshop want to work on a design? I don't have Photoshop anymore since my desktop died.

Wow, I just lost photoshop because my desktop died recently too.
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Ive been using photoshop for about 9 years? does that count? Toungue

ill work up a couple different designs and post them later on. post up any ideas you have for it tho and ill try to incorporate them
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great idea, i'd rock it as long as its fresh.
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I'd rock one for sure. Ill see I can do on photoshop for a design
i would rock it but it all depends on the design
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I'd rock one... but it really depends on the final design of it.
and if i can get the current decal off clean.
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Rather than working within them.
How about just simply dropping the EJ and reversing it to Squad 8? Maybe with some type of cool artistic font?? Either way I'm in "All the way" like the ''Double Rainbow" dude.
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