Poll: Would you rock the Squad logo on your windshield?
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Hell Yea I'd Rock It !

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Not my thing

8 15.38%
Total 52 vote(s) 100%
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EJ8Squad Vertical Windshield Banners
I don't think they're legal in VA, but I'm curious to see what comes up Smile
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This sounds like a pretty spiffy idea.
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(05-29-2006, 04:34 PM)boboej Wrote:  dose this forum have anything to do with the 96 00 honda civic's
Interested in this idea, i know there's a bunch of talented people on here that can
come up with a dope, clean design. I'd rock one on the windshield Wink

[Image: 1zog8wi.jpg]

id rock it. id probably even take off my crower and skunk2 stickers for it
insert cool sig pic here
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Sounds a good idea Rock
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Love it or hate it, the Honda Civic is the Camaro and Mustang of our generation, more people modify, show and race Civics than any other cars on the market.
I'd rock one, if the design was pretty dope.
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I was thinking an nice font with a shield behind it..

[Image: shield_matt_todd_01_m.png]
[Image: u13580648.jpg]
I'd work one for sure lol
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So....anybody on here with Photoshop want to work on a design? I don't have Photoshop anymore since my desktop died.
(08-19-2010, 11:25 PM)LTDEDRACING Wrote:  I don't think they're legal in VA, but I'm curious to see what comes up Smile

Yep. You cant have anything going below the AS-1 line on your front windshield except your inspection sticker.
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