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Official Rice Spottings
lookin at that kia makes me want to start punching babies.. idk why, buts its like urgahhh!!

#359. bryan767 >>> retired

Cardr Wrote:took both of these a couple of years back when i was visiting a buddy in Aiken, SC

dude there is so much rice in SC and NC
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just saw this on
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NA is fine but, i'd rather be blown!
Cardr Wrote:just saw this on

What a waste of some S2000 tail lights.
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for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,
one of the cars we work on at the shop, you dont know the hate i fell for this car it is the biggest pos in the world of rice, every thing is molded so nothing comes off,when i say molded i mean every thing has lights tail lights EXT. no screws or bolts its just molded in with bondo(its not a frone end conversion it a stock front end with lexus lights and a shil load of bondo, the wide body is MADE of bondo car wights over 6000lbs and makes a little under 500whp so in turn its a bout as fast as a stock gt, its so heavy that we had to make custom top hats to make the car sit higher because it bottoms out the suspension there for ripping his kit off,, and the hood wights ruffly 150lbs and is molded to the latches so it cant be takin off, so we use a sc 40 steel 7 foot rod to hold it, o and is just a stock hood molded with bondo and holes cut in it, next who ever wired this car is a *F*%#@* n moron every thing is done with speaker ware and but connectors and this thing is full a electronics that only light up but dint work like the 9 gauges and the only one that works is the volt meter and boost gauge lol, the cage is like stick welded together and is a pos he had it built real low so it can bee seen wile driving down the road LOL, so you hit you head on it getting in and out, than there is the metal floor in the back that is welded in so guess what i cant come out which means the full pump goes bad and were cutting, last is the paint i looks lake a maco job up close i mean come on its a "show car" spend the money and get a nice spray
thats just the main problems there is tons more i just do nt have the time so check it out(o and the main thing that pisses me off is we have people come in wanting to see the car well park that car next to a 800hp integra and no one even relises the the 800hp monster is sitting there it sad i die in side a little very time a see that car or here some one talk about it)
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hammer fist to that dood
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as if molding different car makes and models' lights/parts into your car was bad enough. They actually put the stock emblems from those different cars on!!!!
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NA is fine but, i'd rather be blown!
I thought I recognized the SC palm tree thing that EVERYONE has on their car in sc.
I only have one because my good friend gave it too me and was really excited about it.

there IS alot of rice in sc, but there are some good ones in there too you know.
Wow, that integra is Incredible!!!! Incredibly gay, that is Banghead Why would you put all that money into the engine and then weigh it down with bondo and a pathetic headlight/taillight collage. And look at the rims, especially the gap btn. them and the rear bumper. Just plain horrible.

As for those Buick-y vent things, I saw an EJ8 over the weekend with some of those on the front fenders AND on the rear made me want to cry nervous No2 Everytime I try to take rice pictures on the road w/ my cell phone someone gets in the way and I lose my chance - I really need to get on the ball!
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