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autox class help?
i know this is a pain, but im low on time and need to register for this sunday. now i have looked around and asked all my friends and ive gotton different answers so im hoping you guys can help me =]
im not sure where my civic would go, some say stock but others say since its lowered that it would be taken out of stock..

97 ex
front strut bar
catback exhaust
& lowered on ground control/koni yellows
tint/paint/and cosmetic things

any help would be great, thanks =]
i would think that they would put you in ST, street touring,
[Image: 101-0154_IMG.jpg]squad member-475 Ohsnap
Yep, street touring. That is what class I was and I had pretty much the same as you, GC/Koni's, exhaust, and intake.
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okay great, thanks guys!!
man you should be able to get away with a stock class, around here they don't even look to see what you have. I ran my ej8 with strut bar, coilovers, intake, and exhaust in the fwd modified class, i did not do bad but i should not have been there.
well yeah i actually got put in the stock class b/c i registered online late lol.. so the guy put me in the stock class w/o asking. they didnt even care/notice once i got there.
how did you do?
well i think i did pretty okay for my first time haha,
these were my times..
66.897, 64.982, 61.679, 59.782
looks like good progress. good job i want to go so bad this summer.
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