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Pocono North HPDE 5/7/10
wow been a while since i logged in. figured I post a quick video i put together of my last few laps @ pocono north HPDE.
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i thought you was a new member until i saw your join date Lol

turbo d?
[Image: ed68l.jpg]
lol. yeah im like rarely on here. Its a jdm b18c5 stock under the hood

i gotta update my signature and profile
[Image: greenlanternsiggy42707xh7.jpg]
welcome back, ill catch the vid later, taking forever to load FML
I like the corvette drive by
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"Tap,Snap or Nap" You pick!
Nice laps.
"There is only one constant in the life, and that is change."
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(05-29-2006, 04:34 PM)boboej Wrote:  dose this forum have anything to do with the 96 00 honda civic's

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