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Rear Disk Information
I've always wonder about the 92-95 ex's with abs brakes...they have rear disks and I cant get ahold of some for cheap. just been wondering about the lines and prop. valveIcon_question
wow this was extremely helpful.
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So if I hav a 96 ex
Do I hav to change my prop valve n mc???
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Work in progress!

The Honda S2000 has a 1" master cylinder, all years.

del sol VTEC rear discs as well as CRX Si rear discs will also fit if it wasnt mentioned.

The 99 Si swaybar (with the endlinks and brackets) is a bolt on to ALL 96-00 Civics, as they all share the LCA, and all have that one hole in it.
EG and DC rear swaybars have an endlink with a bushing in it. The 99-00 Si (as well as the EK9 Civic Type-R) use endlinks with double ball joints (front AND rear). The 99 SI swaybar in the rear is 13mm and will bolt on stock just fine. The type-R rear and most aftermarkets will require subframe reinforcement, yes they CAN tear.
This make the information much simplier! Thanks!
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