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Rear Disk Information
What about da controll ARM sizes? I'm getting a da disc setup and would like to use the rear sway as well.
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the LCA's you should be able to use off your EJ8.
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Get aftermarket LCA's. Some say that the subframe cannot handle the GSR sway bars or thicker sway bars. That's why they make the ASR subframe brace, to give the subframe added duribility and the allowance to use larger/thicker sway bars. Suspension is alot more complex than some people may think. People assume that just because it's from a GSR it will automatically enhance a civic's suspension. While it being slightly true it can be very harmful to a chassis as well. GSR suspension was designed with a GSR in mind not a civic, being very very close in style as far a chassis, they are different. The civic was designed for a sport style fuel economy while the GSR was built for a sport ride and feel. The suspension parts for each are designed specifically for that chassis. That's why aftermarket companies do tons of research on building model specific parts instead of simply making "gsr" replicas. Plus the colors are fun too. Please keep on mind that there is more than what meets the eye for suspension. Ask rob (esotericimage) he will back me up. He had his suspension tuned/ cornered to his specific vehicle and can now corner like never before.
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EJ8 LCA's have slots for OEM Sway bars.

as far as running the GSR Sway bar, I really see very little why not to.

If you look at the Integra GSR rear chassis and ours...its pretty much identical.

If you dont want to spend loads of money on an ASR, you can easily get a decently think metal, make a template of our subframe, and drill some holes in the metal and such and basically fabricate your own little rear sway brace...but I dont really see much of a problem to be honest.

I would do some sort of reenforcement on the subframe just incase, cause aftermarket (the key word here) sway bars are known for tearing or pulling out or subframes in the be forewarned.
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A stock 99-00 Si Comes with a very similar size sway bar as the GSR does. So a GSR Sway bar should be fine without a sway bar reinforcement kit.

However when upgrading to a larger sway bar such as a 19mm or larger, I would highly recommend a reinforcement kit.

Also Instead of buying the ASR kit you can always buy the Beaks reinforcement kit for less. Although you do lose the look of the ASR underneath the car, you save roughly 80 bucks. I used this kit with my 19mm Suspension Techniques sway bar through multiple auto-cross events and daily aggressive driving and had no subframe ripping or tearing issues.

Here is a link to the kit:
Beaks EK Reinforcement Kit
Just to help clarify if it hasnt already been said... 90-97 Integra w/o ABS have 15/16 MC w/ABS they had 1" MC. If I'm not mistaken all 98+ Integras had 1" MC (RS, LS, GS, GSR, ITR)
The Beaks kit works reallygood but the ASR is just sexier.

Also, when I recieved my Rear disk conversion,it had "EP3" written on the sides of the trailing arms. I guess from the salvage yard. I was like "oh crap!" but it all bolted correctly. Had issues with the aftermarket brake line fitment (possibly from the trailing arms being different from what I thought they were, the OE lines fit and I used aftermarket camber kits and LCAs and it all worked perfectly.
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EP3 dont use anything similar to what EG/DC/EK's use as far as trailing arms go. so your TA's arent from an EP3


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Are integra/civic si brake rotors all the same size?
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great info!
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