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DarkTune DIY: Building your dream car 101
[Image: futurama-fry-not-sure-if.jpg]
[Image: pzLfBoW.jpg]
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(06-09-2015, 02:13 PM)angusyoung364 Wrote:  Glad to know I started a "rough draft" of a build list, and had already done countless hours of Mind Numbing Reading! of what I'm sure were grown ass people writing rude "NOOOOOOOOB" comments and providing 0 help for those just trying to have some fun their own way! By that, I mean I have a 1999 Civic EX A/T D16y8 stock. First thing people say, "drop the A/T". Look, I'm not looking to race around like a fart-canned "my daddy owns a dealer ship" punk. I just want a clean, responsive, and sexy ride I can enjoy daily. Needless to say, this post was a small pat on the back for not doing anything irrational without reading up on my car first. First thing I'd love to tackle? Slight hail damage I looked past to get her at $1950.
Interesting first post. Just curious what search terms you used to find this well written thread?
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Don't really remember what I had searched when I came across this DIY post and really liked some of the stuff that was said. Learning about the diffs between the many engines and body styles the Civic has to offer. Never got into these cars with racing like a fool with 18 gears in the F&F movies, really enjoy how these cars can mix and match pieces. Finding out what can go where from which ever one is the fun part (: First Honda that got things turning? Michael Schietroma's EM1 that was posted on the Super Street Online website.
absolutely stunning mike. Very well organized write up.

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