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OFFICIAL Sig request thread
Alright thanks!
[Image: 2r4tul5.png]
hmmm I wouldn't say it's sick... if in the first pic the
car was more on the left I could of made it work a
little better, but here you go.

[Image: fadfdafdasf.png]
I think it looks sick dude hah. Thanks a lot man.
[Image: 2r4tul5.png]
Not bad R:OY!
ok im gettin upset lol i keep sein these freakin awesome sigs that ppl have. its the cartoon lookin version of their cars. i want one of mine but idk how to get it.any help?
[Image: HPIM1894-1.jpg]
[Image: civicphotoshoot-1-1.jpg]
sure why not....ill do

a sig of your car from your pics or a pixel car. which one?

if its a pixel car then i need pics in order to replicate it

same goes for a sig with pics of your car.....i made mrcoupe's
[Image: Silver_EJ7SmallGoogleImitationBase.png]
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There's a how to pixel thread on here. If that's what your talking about.
[Image: 2r4tul5.png]
google pixel cars
[Image: 84009000.jpg]
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hahaha now I see what everyone means about a thread every other day about these. Mods should make a sticky on the main page on them in one thread.
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