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Official Premium Membership Thread
(11-30-2009, 08:38 PM)bjscivic Wrote:  Great idea!!! Nice to see this! I'll be trying to get something to you very shortly Jeremy.

You already have SUPER MOD status! Flamin Pink not ur style ehh..
now here's my question ....... the status is good for how long ?? because I'm going to be donating monthly.
this is still TBD
I'll be getting on this I'm sure...

Just not now haha
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EJ8 Squad Member # 247

im gonna be goin for the baller status but the three stickers might be a little over kill for me i just bought 4 and cant figure our what i want to do with those if i had three more it would make it even harder to do. is there anything else that we might able to get? or just the satisfaction knowing that we helped the cause.
I like the last one ...... "the satisfaction"
How about a free shirt Toungue
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EJ8 Squad Member # 247

nahh the pure satisfaction of helping
Yeah I wish I had the need for that many stickers but I only have one EJ so really 7 is too many. But a shirt would be nice but that's coming soon
Support the EJ8S Thumbup. I woulda gave more of course, but silvers my thang.

It's a good idea, and keep the colors the way they are. Gonna help bring in some money for this place for sure.
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