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100 man that's a commitment. I'd buy to help the squad but you know how it goes man everyone wants one than when the time comes everyone's broke
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Seven sounds about right, but it all depends on how much they cost to get in bulk. Black with white silhouettes would look cool. I can see these being the next new accessory, the squad will be rich!
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(11-27-2009, 09:15 PM)jers99 Wrote:  100 man that's a commitment. I'd buy to help the squad but you know how it goes man everyone wants one than when the time comes everyone's broke

This is why I'm not 100% committed in doing this just yet.
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-Color of lanyard: Black / White
-Color of text on lanyard: White / Black
-Logo with "" text: No
-Logo only: Yes
-Thickness of lanyard: Thick enough so it can last
- IMPORTANT- How much would you pay for a lanyard.: depends on the quality. If at best quality i would pay 15

I would buy two at
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black with red letters would be cool to me...i dont really use a lanyard, 2minutes ago i didnt know what one was Lol ive seen them before tho, just didnt know what they was called
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I think that a black lanyard with a white logo would be sweet. I would pay $10 for a high quality lanyard.
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I deff want at least 2 10$ a piece sounds good
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(01-06-2011, 02:14 AM)Hicky Wrote:  Any party is epic when langy shows up.
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(11-27-2009, 06:59 PM)james_ej8 Wrote:  I'm with you on that bro. I myself don't use one and never have.
so my Twocents is saying that it's worthless. Gotme

Sorry Gimmy, I'm gonna have to agree with James on this one. I get free lanyards from NOS at every car show I attend each year (4 a year) and have never used one. I grew out of hanging my keys around my neck when I was in elementary school.

I hardly even wear the squad shirt I bought, not because I don't like it..but because I don't want to mess it up (I'm a bit of a collector when it comes to things I value.)

I'll support the squad in different methods.
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(11-27-2009, 06:53 PM)gimmezell Wrote:  I'm not promising anything here but I am curious how many of you would be interested in purchasing lanyards? I do not use a lanyard so I have no idea what types are the popular ones and what type of clasps you all prefer. As I am look at various places that do custom lanyards the big thing is that I have to order a minimum of 100 of these. To me that is a huge commitment and I do not want to be sitting on these until I am 80 years old. I will make a decision based on the feedback I get from this thread.

If you are interested in seeing some Squad lanyards please reply with your ideas.

-Color of lanyard
-Color of text on lanyard
-Logo with "" text
-Logo only
-Text only
-Thickness of lanyard
- IMPORTANT- How much would you pay for a lanyard.



i would deff. get one!!! . i would liek to see one in black and white, ej8 logo on it. it should be at least 5 papers stack up. I would pay up to 10 bucks. other colors such as red and black. gray and black.

it would be so sick if we do get it
Im with Mike on this, i wouldnt use one,but ill buy one up to a 10,00 limit. Maybe hang it around my mirror.

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