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My first autox ***new vid page 3***
I hear ya man. I kinda planned on tracking my car from the get go so I'm on Function Form's with an 8k and 10k spring rates hah. she stays pretty solid through the corners.

I'm also on a Stock front sway, but ASR 24mm w/ brace in the rear.

Suspension Techniques make some nice stuff, there front sways are dope! my fried has it and its just great. but for the rear, I'd run the ASR set-up.

How do you like the front lower tie bar? do you notice anything? I was thinking of getting the benen front lower tie to go with my ASR brace and Benen Rear lower Tie. plus I have OEM Si up front and ASR in the trunk
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good run for a first timer!!

great driving man
I cant wait to start Autoxing again. I had a fun time at my first event even tho I ruined the course pretty much Toungue
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nice Smile not bad at all
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i wanna try this so bad.
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(09-29-2009, 01:31 AM)mon3yboi Wrote:  
(09-28-2009, 10:43 PM)NightCat Wrote:  What's you're suspension set-up? cause it looked like you had epic amounts of body roll.

yeah... I did... when i bought my gc's, I wasn't planning on tracking my car at all. simply wanted a nice daily so I went with the regular spring rates of 350f 250r and some tokico blue shocks. stock ex front sway and added suspension techniques rear 19mm rear sway. also have both top skunk2 strut bars and lower tie bars front and back. I really need to get some new springs for the gc's. Hoping for some custom rates around 450f/400r. That plus I need to get the hardware to install the susp tech front 24mm sway.

I’m running Tein Flex coilovers with upgraded springs. 560#/inch in the front (I have a B18C swap) and 450#/inch in the rear on my car. On the track it’s stuck like a slot car. When AX’ing, I tend to understeer a bit. I’m running a Civic Si 26 mm front sway bar and a Civic Type-R 24 mm sway bar in the rear. Neg 2.5 degrees of camber all around and 0 toe both front & rear for track. For AX I dial in 1/8” to 1/4” of toe-out in the rear to get the rear end to rotate better and help reduce understeer.

Edit:Make that 1/8"-1/4" toe out in the rear when AX'ing
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I know these are old posts but what tuning have you done to your suspension to improve your lap times? Has the 250k engine been holding together? Do tell..........please..........
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(11-29-2009, 09:56 AM)cjtimp Wrote:  I know these are old posts but what tuning have you done to your suspension to improve your lap times? Has the 250k engine been holding together? Do tell..........please..........

Wow. I haven't realized how long its been since ive been on the site. Sorry for bringing back a thread from the dead. Lol. The engine was still holding up pretty good. Got it all the way up to 290k this year (yea, I drive a lot), but the head gasket was slowly going so I ended up swapping in a sohc w only 40k on it and putting in an edelbrock turbo kit (CARB legal) but havent really tracked it yet. As for suspension, I put in some slightly more aggresive springs from my friends gsr and installed the front sway which made all the difference in the world. Hopefully add some new pitcures soon...
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Very nice run. I can't wait to auto-x this season.

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